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Pencil Sketches


About the Artist

Craig Cassell grew up in Steele City, Nebraska. On August 1, 1979, while swimming in the Little Blue River, he injured his spinal cord, resulting in paralysis from his shoulders down. Craig was 17 at the time.

Following rehabilitation at Craig Hospital in Engelwood, Colorado, Craig returned home to Steele City. With plenty of time on his hands, his parents encouraged him to try drawing with a pencil in his mouth. Devoting more time to drawing, he had a dentist construct a special mouthpiece to hold his pencils (see picture at left).

In 1986, Craig moved to Lincoln and devoted most of his time to drawing. Craig does not sell any of his original work. Instead, his drawings have been reproduced into prints.

In May 2010, Craig passed away peacefully from complications of his paralysis. Proceeds from the sale of Craig's prints go into a scholarship that is given to a young person in the Steele City, Nebraska area each year.


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